Doliz Brown Group Limited was incorporated in Nigeria, as a fully indigenous, private Limited Liability Company on 18th September, 2009.

With an ownership which has remained indigenous, and operational perspective which is global; we have a solid experience with engineering engagements spanning across Nigeria; having successfully executed numerous engineering contracts for private and public entities like: the federal Government of Nigeria, state Governments and internationally funded projects. These projects transverse Nigeria and are worth multiples of Millions in Naira sum


The company is a full service engineering company with particular interest in Road Construction, Erosion and Flood Control Structures, Dam, Irrigation and Drainage, Urban and Rural Water Supply Systems and Real Estate.

Being financially stable, we have the capacity to finance our projects with minimal or no recourse to our bankers; we have reached the ability to mobilize to site, anywhere in Nigeria within just few days.


To take lead in Nigeria of indigenous contractors, delivering PROMPT and QUALITY projects, withing estimated costs and time.


Our mission is to deliver to our clients highest quality professional services in line with their objective in a cost effective fashion.


Our Board of Directors take responsibility for meeting clients’ targets and have delegated responsibility to each operation location.

The company’s management recognizes its responsibility for fulfilling and promoting the highest standard of quality, through the adoption CASHES (Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment, and Security), development and maintenance of appropriate systems, procedures plant and programs, to achieve the company’s objective.

The business climate is rapidly changing and only a dynamic organization can cope. This explains why we are certainly monitoring the environment, consolidating our strength and unfolding on fresh ideas; not only to maintain a healthy existence, but also to create better opportunities that will always guarantee us a future.

We believe our future lies in our ability to maintain a satisfactory cordial and mutual business relationship with our customers and this we are determined to uphold. To further guarantee our future, we make conscious efforts to develop new but related lines of business withing the local and international environment

Doliz Brown Group Limited has a wide range of construction facilities/equipment, to subdue any terrain suspected to harbor the much needed hydrocarbon.

Prompt effective response to civil engineering and construction challenges are our guiding principles, and to achieve this, we have workshops/equipment sites in Abuja, Calabar, Lagos, Katsina, Enugu and of course, some mobile workshops; to enable timely response.


We run a close-knit system driven by clients’ interest and a knack for innovation.

Our operations are totally oriented. We recognize that the ability to fully satisfy clients rests on having a good picture of their needs in detailed clarity from the onset. As such, every project is handled with a sustained interaction with the client to keep abreast of the progress made on the job every step of the way, until satisfaction is achieved.

Our Clients